World Class Manufacturing

Terminal Sawmills Division is a modern, efficient manufacturing facility located on Mitchell Island in Richmond, B.C. The mill operates very efficiently on a one shift per day basis, producing an average of 500 Mfbm per shift of Western Red Cedar.

TFP recognizes the necessity for high grade, value-added products and is primarily a Western Red Cedar operation. Terminal Sawmills has undergone tremendous growth and modernization in response to the demand for those products. The operation has expanded to encompass a modern two-line high-speed sawmill, planer mill, resaw plant, four gas-fired dry kilns, and a chip and residual loading facility in an area covering thirty-two acres. The latest technology and effective utilization of each area of this facility allows us to achieve extremely high productivity and recovery.


TFP Head Office
12180 Mitchell Road
Richmond, BC, V6V 1M8
Tel. 604-717-1200

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