Terminal Forest Products Ltd.

Langdale Division

Situated on 35 acres of land fronting Howe Sound, BC, our Langdale log sorting facility is one of the most modern and efficient operations of its kind anywhere. Our specialty is custom log sorting - we provide progressive solutions for our customers.  Deep-water access allows efficient transportation for our customer's products that arrive by barge or bundled booms. Logs are de-watered and spread out on our site for a team of graders to inspect and mark each log for bucking to maximize value and prime lengths. Once scaled, the logs are sorted and re-bundled into packages ready for shipment to our customer's manufacturing facilities.

Wood waste disposal and managing surface water run-off are critical issues to a dry land sorting facility. We have instituted industry leading systems that effectively address these issues.

WOOD WASTE DISPOSAL - One hundred percent of our residual wood waste is processed into wood chips and hog fuel for sale to customers in the pulp and paper industry.

SURFACE WATER RUN-OFF - The entire log sorting area surface is paved. By contouring the pavement within this area, all run-off water is directed into a large settling area and surge tank. We are then able to pump the wastewater into a settling pond and biological treatment area before returning it to the ocean.

We offer customers the benefit of CSA Chain of Custody certification.

For more information on our log sorting facility, please contact Rob Liden at 604-886-7033.