TFP is firmly and forever committed to our environment. We constantly invest in upgrades to our manufacturing facilities, adding the latest technologies designed to reduce emissions and pollutants into the air and water. Many of the environmental initiatives TFP has taken over the years are considered to be gold-standard benchmarks in our industry. We use a full range of harvesting methods based on sound environmental practices and silviculture principles. Many factors, including topography and visual impact are taken into consideration before we determine the best harvesting method.

On-Going Commitment to Green initiatives

Adding value to our products starts in the woods. Careful planning, harvesting, planting and stand tending ensures there will always be a supply of high quality raw material to transform into our beautiful finished products. From the forest to our facilities, TFP endeavours to utilize green practices.

Our Green initiatives include:

Terminal’s commitment to the environment and Chain of Custody is documented in our policies and can be viewed by clicking the links Environmental Policy and Chain of Custody                   


TFP is proud to be PEFC certified

PEFC works throughout the entire forest supply chain to promote good practice in the forest and to ensure that timber and non-timber forest products are produced with respect for the highest ecological, social and ethical standards. www.pefccanada.org

Silvastar Forest Products LLC – Paint Priming

Terminal Forest Products Ltd. is proud to be associated with Silvastar Forest Products LLC.  Located in Bellingham, Washington Silvastar is Terminal’s primer applicator of choice based on their competence, dedication and quality.  Located some 16.5 miles from South Everson Lumber Company (SELCO) Terminal’s remanufacturing plant allows Terminal to capitalize on Silvastar’s strength in priming some of Terminal’s key products and constantly review orders to ensure the finest quality primer application occurs.  Silvastar holds a PEFC Chain of Custody certificate and their inventory control process assures Terminal that their products will not be mixed with Silvastar’s products.  Silvastar’s use of low volatile organic compound (VOC) latex based primers assures a minimal impact on the environment and customer’s health with a coasting process that assures the quality the Terminal demands.   For more information on Silvastar please click on the link. http://silvastar.com/

Socco Forest Products Ltd. – Kiln Drying

Terminal Forest products Ltd. is proud to be able to increase the quantity of kiln dried stock for South Everson Lumber Company (SELCO) Terminal’s remanufacturing facility in Everson, Washington by working with Socco Forest Products located in Sumas, Washington.  Some 8 miles from Everson and 52 miles from Terminal’s Fraser River sawmills Socco is a clear choice given their expertise in custom drying and use of LISA to control customer inventories.   Socco utilizes excess steam from the adjacent co-generation plant to dry stock in state of the art kilns located in a security controlled facility.  The short distance between Socco and SELCO allows for constant reviews of inventory and drying quality. For more information on Socco Forest Products please click on the link. http://www.soccoforest.com/